Mueve el puntero! Escuecha, y observa...


Planning to spend a fortune again in something noone will remember? If you wanna be memorable, laughter is the solution

I have been working over the last 10 years for the entertainment industry in Latin America, and trust me it has been quite a ride. As an actor what I am really passionate about is on finding the ways to make people happy, just to get people to laugh, that's what I really enjoy about my work.

I believe humor is the best way to engage consumers and to make an add absolutely memorable, this isn't something I just think, it was also said by the amazing Ogilvy. I can go wherever you need me to, from Pyong Yang to La Patagonia comedy is a universal language and it is enjoy the same way no matter the place.

“The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible”. David Ogilvy



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